Sunday, May 13, 2012


So, I figured since my wonderful polish buddy Sarah was kind enough to send me a lemming of Nerd Lacquer “CRUNCHY FROG” (just saying or hearing the name Crunchy Frog ALWAYS makes ME always smile,….which takes a lot), along with DON’T BLINK and Dollish Polish HIP HOP HIPPITY HOP and THE OTHER EDWARD. I’m inspired to write about the little drama our kitties brought into our household earlier this week.

So, John was off to work and I could hear all 4 cats bouncing around upstairs which is a little odd, in that they normally don’t play together, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then Stasho came running down the stairs with one of John’s socks in his mouth, now THAT was a little unusual, in that the ONLY things the kitties carry around like that are their kitty toys and then its only my Mingus who tends to carry around the toys and cry like a mama cat calling her young to eat (and our 3 boys always fall for it knowing it’s a stuffed toy from the Dollar Store..go figure).

Anyway..Stasho brought John’s sock downstairs and dropped it about 10 feet away from me and started poking at it with his paw, then I heard thumpa thumpa thumpa as the other 3, Hemi, the 30 pounder, Omar, the 20 pounder and Mingus Faux Pas, the QUEEN, came THUNDERING down the stairs and it’s a LOUD noise in that you have Hemi and Omar doing the thumps and together the two weigh around 50 lbs! So the other 3 kitties circled John’s sock that Stasho was poking and prodding at, the damn sock MOVED and there was something ALIVE about half the size of the palm of my hand in the sock..and I’m like shit! We have MICE IN THE HOUSE..we have FOUR CATS LIVING IN THE HOUSE and they let MICE IN HERE! What are we going to do! OMG..I’ll have to OVERHAUL the whole house if we have mice in the house..the thought was overwhelming to my insane and tiny mind!

Still unsure of what I was going to do! There is, OPTION ONE: Do I try to catch it and miss and let it loose in the house again, OPTION TWO: Do I let the cats try and catch it…but experience has shown me that cats generally just play with their "catches" until they die ..or they can “lose” them to play with them again later. Neither option seemed like a great one..So, I’m watching the Hemi, Omar and Mingus sort of corralling the moving sock..which is bobbing up and down kind of fast and Stasho is doing all the work of flipping the sock up with his claws trying to get it out of the sock..and then the sock bounces about 8 inches off the ground and I thought damn..that must be one scared mouse, I didn’t know they could jump like that, or maybe it was just one of the other cat’s claws that had hooked it and flipped it up...maybe its a RAT (they jump! holy crap!) who knows..the cats and the sock were between me and OPTION THREE: The kitchen where the broom was!  No, I hadn’t really thought out the addendum to OPTION THREE yet! Then something brown and green JUMPED OUT OF THE SOCK..and landed ON top of the white sock..IT WAS A TREE FROG! RELIEF! ELATION! (kind of like taking an instant double dose of Xanax)  NO MICE/RAT IN THE HOUSE! POOR FROG! Because the 4 cats were still “toying” with it! Frogs to me are good..they kill roaches (my fear of roaches will be another chapter I’m sure) eat mosquitoes and while the thought of picking up the sock when I thought it was a mouse was totally unthinkable…picking up a frog with John’s sock (Ok..I’m not totally brave to pick it up barehanded) I had no problem doing! So, I scooped up the poor froggie with John’s sock and put him outside on the tree outside the condo..and it managed to drag itself up the tree (one of his hind legs looked broken (no blood on the white sock either)..but I hope he’s ok..there are plenty of mosquitoes and tree roaches I’m sure up in that tree to eat while his leg grows back..or heals..I think frogs regenerate new legs if it falls off) and he was out of sight!

So..honest! I think Sarah having NL "CRUNCHY FROG" and being so generous to send it to me…is the GOOD FROG KARMA COMING MY WAY, because to the Chinese, FROGS ARE LUCKY! So my "CRUNCHY FROG" nail polish, courtesy of my friend Sarah, is because I have such a great and generous friend in Sarah, but also because I saved the poor tree frog from my kitties! Oh..the kitties? They kept looking for the frog for an hour after I put it outside, gave me suspicious disgruntled looks…and they’re over the disappointment!

John and I haven’t figured out how the frog got into the house and THANK GOD it wasn’t a mouse/rat! Thank you again Sarah for my "CRUNCHY FROG" polish! And thank you Froggie Karma for sending "CRUNCHY FROG" MY WAY! I promise this happened! And NO, I did NOT tell Sarah this story to inspire her to send me "CRUNCHY FROG" (**smile**)!

This picture is 2 coats of Nerd Lacquers “CRUNCHY FROG” over one coat of Cult Nails “IN A TRANCE” (which I believe to be the perfect undie for CRUNCHY FROG) and 1 coat of GELOUS!  Ok, and because this has a happy ending..I can say yes..seeing the white hex shaped glitter in “CRUNCH FROG” (smile) makes me think of our kitties crunching CRUNCHY FROG bones! Or NOT! ;P



  1. Love that you rescued a tree frog and timed it with your Crunchy Frog mani!!! Love this Maile!

    1. Thank you Samantha! GET WELL SOON!

  2. Hey Maile, I have this polish but it's in my untrieds. Everytime I see the name I think of a frog squished on the sidewalk. Lol!

  3. You guys are so sweet to leave comments here...I'll figure out how to do the "join" or "follow" this shortly...haha...