Thursday, May 17, 2012


                                         "Bloody and Broken" (outside)

I decided to dub this mani "Bloody and Broken", after my run in with the University of Utah STUDENT-Athlete!  (LOL....Actually this is Rescue Beauty Nails "Killa Red" (thank you Sarah) and Lynnderella "Connect the Dots". OK..I would have liked "Sticks 'n Stones" instead of Connect the Dots, but I don't have it, so this will have to suffice!) At the hands of this STUDENT-Athlete, I had 3 fractured ribs (the white bars), a dislocated shoulder, 2 black eyes (black circles), 1 fractured eye socket (black hex) and 18 stitches (black bars) on the back of my head where he pulled out a hank of my hair (black bars) and part of my scalp (the rest of the white pieces!). The blood red polish..well..that's a given.

I was so odd that night..I actually picked up the hair with flesh attached and took it with me! I didn't want someone to come across it in the parking lot and be grossed out!

PLEASE DO NOT BE OR FEEL SORRY FOR ME! I'm not like that! I'm writing this because I NOW KNOW I'm not the only one that this has EVER happened to, whether it be from domestic violence, at the hands of an "almost' complete stranger or random violence from an athlete! It can and will possibly happen to anyone! You just have to remember the problem is THEM and the animal handlers that ALLOW these sub-humans loose on the earth,.......... not YOU!

                                         "Bloody and Broken" (inside)

This would represent myself inside my friends house after the beating....(I know..its just different lighting)

                                          "Bloody and Broken" (support from friends)

Ok..its just John reluctantly holding my hand while he's trying to work on his EPIC TAX REFORM novel, but this would represent the support from my friends, because there WAS a lot of hand holding that night! Thank you Bill Brown (1977-2011) ! I miss, love and owe you so much!

Thank you for reading this! Feel free to pass my story on to someone else who may be suffering....

Of course, I'll let you know how this ends!



  1. Wow Maile. Wow. I like reading your story and your nails are a beautiful representation of something ugly that happened. I am GLAD you came out of that alive and well.:O)

    1. Thank you! Yes, it takes a lot to drag me down! That almost did..but with the help of friends I was able to get out! These people can be very persuasive trying to tell you that it was YOUR fault and that they NEVER did it before! LIES LIES!

  2. I think this is such an important issue and we as women cannot shy away from talking about it. Thank you so much for sharing. I know how therapeutic it is for you to share and how healing it can be for women who read this and know they are not alone, that they are okay, that it's not their fault and that this has to be recognized and stopped.


    1. Thank you again Silver! You're right of course..I'm always reticent about if its too much for some people to ingest..but if it helps one person..that makes a big difference. Also, it might help some understand my quirky nature!